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February 28 2020

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the bebby is hangry
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They created me just as they created you. We’re not so different.


You know, it’s weird and interesting to see a fight between male and female characters where gender doesn’t play a roll in the staging. It might play a role in the story, I haven’t seen the show, but like…look at them. It’s not just that she’s not being sexualized, it’s that neither of them are holding back. While it’s true that her fighting style seems to relying more using speed and dexterity than his, it’s nowhere near the “Waif Fu” style we see with some female fighters like River Tam. I feel like you could sub in a smaller man to fight Henry Cavill and the staging would be exactly the same, and that’s pretty neat. From the point of view of the choreographer, it’s not about the fact that one of them’s a man and the other a woman, it’s about the fact that these are two characters doing their unholy best to murder and/or beat the hell out of each other. And that’s what fight scenes SHOULD be about, in my opinion. XD

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February 15 2020

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February 14 2020

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February 13 2020

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